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Pastor Rohan Peart was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  He and his family migrated to the United States when he was only eight years old. He grew up with his parents and two sisters in Baltimore, Maryland. 


At a young age, a doctor informed his mother that he had a learning disability and that it would prevent him from being able to comprehend as others, or even articulate himself properly. When she contended that both she and his father believed Rohan was called to preach the gospel, the doctor said to her in front of her son, “Don’t fill his head with false hopes. He will never be able to articulate himself properly. Especially not in front of a group of people.”

These words seemed to define Rohan and his future, however God had other plans. One day his father invited him to church and on that day Pastor Rohan Peart wept his way to salvation. His life was radically transformed.


At the age of 16, Pastor Rohan visited his homeland of Jamaica, where he preached his first sermon and quickly realized the heavy mantle of Evangelism and revival on his life.


When he was 19 years old he attended World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio. He was also the Pastor and founder of Josiah Vision Ministries, an international church and ministry for more than ten years.


Against the doctor’s diagnoses, he was miraculously able to do a lot more than just articulate himself properly. Since then, that mantle of a revivalist has ignited a passion for genuine revival in the hearts of many.

His provoking yet compassionate message is both non-traditional and uncompromising as he ministers to congregations of all sizes and cultures with a prophetic call to the heart of Worship.

Pastor Rohan Peart is now the pastor of SWBC in Memphis, TN where he continues to reach the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been married to his best friend Sheretha for more than ten years. Pastor Rohan and his wife Sheretha are proud parents of two children. 

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